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Most Luxurious Neighbourhoods in Los Angeles

Warm sunny days, gnarly waves and beautiful sand beaches, exquisite high-end private neighborhoods, and a laidback California vibe are only a few reasons why Los Angeles is famous for being home to Hollywood’s elite. Take a look at the most luxurious neighborhoods in Los Angeles below!


Another luxury community located in the Manhattan Beach area is the Sand Section. Like its predecessor, this location has seen a rise in its popularity in recent years thanks to the younger crowd. The Sand Section offers oceanfront homes and unique walk streets.


One of the most desirable places to reside in in the city of Los Angeles is the city of Santa Monica. The living conditions are world class and the residents have easy access to the beach anytime and any day. With the way the neighborhood provides seclusion and privacy to its residents, it comes as no surprise that it is the most expensive neighborhood in the Los Angeles area.


Third on our list of most luxurious neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area is Bel-Air. This list would not be complete without it. Out of all the other neighborhoods on this list, this is one of the only ones within the Los Angeles city limits. Even if most of the other neighborhoods are not known, it can be said that Bel-Air is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area as it is known for being a celebrity magnet. From seclusion to luxurious homes up in the mountains, Bel-Air is certainly a high-end community. Homes for sale rarely are listed under $1 Million dollars.


The Los Angeles area has a lot of hidden secrets but known can compare to the luxurious city of Hidden Hills located within Los Angeles. This community is shielded from the prying eyes of the general public thanks to the neighborhood gates that require identification before entrance is allowed. Several houses in this gated community portray a simplistic style but this can easily be deceiving as the inside is where the appeal lies. Most of the houses have the design of a Texas ranch house and this keeps attracting affluent residents’ day in day out. The secluded nature also serves as a major attraction.


The year 2013 and 2014 saw a major rise in the sales of homes within the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. The sales volume is one that is still maintained over time owing to its prime location north of Manhattan Beach. The environment is touted as being family friendly with a picturesque view of nature. It also happens to be one of the neighborhoods on this list that is actually within the Los Angeles area.


The Hill Section neighborhood is considered to be one of the best locations with an encompassing beautiful ocean view of the city. With this attraction and closeness to the ocean front, it is no wonder that property developers and realtors alike have no problem in creating luxury homes around and within it. This high-end community has direct access to entertaining nightlife and surf spots. Of all the neighborhoods, this is one of the youngest and a lot of the people residing here are of the wealthy modern day generation. The homes are located on the hills thereby providing a beautiful view from the top.