How to Market a Luxury Real Estate Home


How to Market a Luxury Real Estate Home

Marketing a luxury real estate is entirely in a class of its own. If you are selling Hidden Hills luxury homes for instance, your marketing strategy is completely different from how you market “regular” houses in Burbank. To market a luxury real estate home, follow these tips:

1.Create a good first impression

There are many ways to get the buyers fall in love with your property the first time they see it. Make sure that the house is clean and welcoming for the guests. You can repaint the house, rearrange the furniture or enhance the landscape. Since you are selling an expensive property, you can hire a stager to make sure that the house looks great.

2.Use different marketing platforms

Advertising is the key to any business, and selling a home is a business. It is imperative therefore to invest in advertisement which targets the right market. You can choose to advertise via print, online, or through your networks. Whether it is a traditional or digital form of marketing, you really need to do everything to get your listing out there.

3.Patience is a virtue

Yes, it is. Be patient in getting the right buyer. Remember that you are selling a very expensive property which will only attract few numbers of investors. How many do you think can afford to buy Hidden Hills luxury homes? Not many. Don’t be desperate in selling the house right away. Being in a hurry can cloud your judgment and can trigger you to commit huge mistakes.

4.Find a reliable agent

If you are the owner, you really need to hire a trustworthy agent who is an expert in selling luxury houses. Before you hire an agent, verify his credentials from the brokerage company where he works. You need to find someone who knows the effective marketing strategies to use to get your house sold. The agent must also know all the procedures necessary in the entire buying and selling process. He must have an impeccable since of judgment, great negotiation skills, and an open communication with you.

5.Consider add-ons to attract buyers

Some buyers want to be treated special so also need to prepare something to sweeten the deal. Ask yourself what can you give away to convince a buyer who is having second thoughts about buying your property. It can be simple things like transferring your membership to an exclusive golf club to him, a pre-paid dock service, or your art collection. Things like this can bridge the gap between a hesitant buyer to a happy buyer.

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